Homeopathic Detox Therapy

Not been quite right since taking medication?In addition to classical homeopathy, I also offer homeopathic detox therapy, which I studied with the marvellous Ton Jansen. Many of my patients have benefitted from this method of using homeopathic remedies to address symptoms that arise after a patient has taken conventional medicine or other toxic substances.

If you feel that you have never been entirely well since taking a medication, whether recently or years ago, homeopathic detox therapy may be for you.

Today it is commonplace to have food intolerances, asthma, diabetes, eczema, IBS, sinus problems, hay fever, etc. Even with all of the advances in our knowledge of health, medicine and diet people are becoming more chronically ill year on year. Today we take ill health for granted. We live in an increasingly toxic world and are becoming dependent on more and more medication just to function. Taking one medication can lead on to more symptoms, which leads on to more medication, and so on. Homeopathic detox therapy offers a different approach – treating the symptoms as well as looking at why you have them.

Homeopathic detox therapy isn’t a new diet, it is about addressing the root cause of ill health. What brought you to this place of discomfort or illness? It addresses the origins of your symptoms, helping the body to detox and restores the body to balance. Homeopathy is never about keeping a person dependent on medicines – remedies are used as a vehicle to restore balance.

By combining classical homeopathic treatment with specific remedies to tackle the toxins in the body, I have helped many people to live more comfortably, free of the symptoms that they had taken for granted for years.

If you feel that your health has been affected by medicines or other substances, homeopathic detox therapy may help you.