Homeopathic remedies for everyday situations

Some conditions can be treated easily at home using homeopathy, and it is useful to have homeopathic remedies at hand to use in these situations.  Below is a list of my top 20 remedies for your homeopathic first aid kit. Homeopathic remedies are available from me for £3 per bottle (contains approx. 30 tablets).

1 Arnica No 1 remedy after any injury, accident, trauma, shock, recent or long ago.  Helps any bruised/sore condition.  Exhaustion after physical work such as gardening/cleaning/decorating all day. Use before and after operations, dentistry, internal treatment, childbirth/miscarriage as it helps absorb internal bruises. Use for strokes, concussion, heart attacks whilst you are waiting for the ambulance.

2 Aconite “>sore throat

No1 remedy to take at the very first sign of colds, fevers, inflammations especially if from cold/dry wind, fright or shock.  For fear and great restlessness, especially fear of death.  Thirsty for cold drinks.  Dry hot skin.  Good for croupy coughs that begin in the evening or around midnight.

3 Apis “>bee

No 1 for bites and stings.  Where there is swelling, redness, burning and stinging.  Better cold applications.

4 Arg Nit aeroplane

No 1 for fear of flying or any anxiety about future events. For gastrointestinal problems especially belching/flatulence Suits people who feel hurried, in a rush, are better in the open air and who walk quickly.  They do not like crowds.

5 Arsenicum  Album No 1 remedy for food poisoning.  Also for gastroenteritis, diarrhoea etc.  Fear of death. Physical exhaustion with mental restlessness.  Pains and discharges are burning but patient feels chilly.  Patient does not want to be left alone.  Very thirsty for cold water, drinks in sips.

6 Belladonna No 1 remedy for very high fevers.  Violently ill. Came on suddenly.  Patient is burning, red, hot with throbbing pains.  May be delirious. Rapid pulse.  Thirsty, may crave lemonade.  Better lying down, worse touch/jarring movement. Use for sunstroke, earache, sore throat.

7 Calendula No 1 remedy for healing wounds, cuts, surface burns/scalds, ulcers, after tooth extraction childbirth.  Also use as a cream.

8 Cantharis No 1 remedy for the intense pain of burns.  For deep scalds, sunburn. For cystitis where there is much burning with urination, along with irritation physical and mental. Onset is sudden and violent.  Pains are cutting and burning.  Intense thirst but are worse after drinking cold drinks.

9 Chamomilla No 1 for teething.  Also for toothache, earache, colic.  Any time child is screaming and inconsolable, and wants to be carried.  Hot and sweaty (especially the head) Better for being uncovered, worse 9pm to midnight.

10 Hepar Sulph No 1 remedy for painful, infected wounds.  Very sensitive to everything – pain, touch, noise, cold, exertion. Suits very chilly people.  Use where there is pus and stitching, splinter like pain.

11 Hypericum No 1 remedy for nerves, physical and mental.  For wounds from any sharp instruments.  Injury to parts rich in nerves – fingers, toes, nails, coccyx. Severe shooting pains along nerves. Penetrating wounds/ after bites.  Tingling, burning numbness.

12 Ignatia No 1 remedy for recent bereavement/emotional shock Any grief, separation, fright, shame, major disappointment.  Hysteria. Fainting.  Worse for sympathy/consolation.  Sighs a lot.

13 Ipecac No 1 remedy for persistent nausea and vomiting which brings no relief.  Not thirsty.  For sudden bright  haemorrhages (nosebleeds, piles). Dry coughs with choking/gagging.

14 Leduminjection

No 1 remedy for puncture wounds and black eyes.  Deep wounds (nails, bites of animals), area swollen, blue, feels hot to patient.  Take before and after injections (and tattoos!)

15 Nux Vomica No 1 remedy for hangover or indigestion from over-indulgence. Also useful for food poisoning in which there is constant retching or urging at the toilet.

16 Pulsatilla No 1 for childhood ear infections  and any other childhood illnesses where children are moody, clingy, tearful and you feel sorry for them.  Use for measles, mumps, colic, styes, sticky eyes. Patients are thirsty and feel better out of doors.  Complaints may come on after getting wet, chilled feet.  Better bathing, crying, movement, worse for wet, windy weather.

17 Rhus Tox No 1 remedy for sprains and strains, especially with stiffness and restlessness.  Pains around joints – achy, sore, bruised. Pain is worse on first movement (tearing/stitching) but eases as you move. Feel better for heat, gentle motion, worse for damp, cold weather.

18 Ruta No 1 remedy for injuries to tendons and bone.  Deeper action than Rhus Tox.  Bone feels damaged. Good for injuries to the wrist, knees, ankles or bones with a thin covering of flesh (eg shins).  Better for movement.

19 Silica No 1 remedy for forcing out splinters or other foreign bodies so do not use with pacemakers, grommets, pins in bones etc. Also use in chilly people who keep getting infections which are very slow to clear.

20 Symphytum No 1 remedy for fractures once the bone has been set – don’t use before (use Arnica instead) as the early bone regeneration it stimulates will have to be disturbed on the setting. Also useful for punctured or ruptured eyeballs.