Homeopathy – a different kind of medicine

Homeopathy is a system of natural healthcare that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years. Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual’s specific symptoms and personal level of health.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide to treat both short term and chronic conditions.  Homeopathic medicines contain tiny doses of substances that promote the body’s natural ability to heal.  When prescribed appropriately they are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive.  They can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their beneficial action. After treatment many people feel well enough that they and speak to their GP about coming off their other medication.

Homeopathy recognises that all symptoms reflect a state of imbalance within the individual, and treats the “person with the symptoms” rather than only the symptoms.

Homeopathy is holistic, which means that each patient is treated as a whole being, individual and complete.  The emotional state is as important as the physical symptoms.

Many patients who come for treatment of a purely physical complaint (eg cough, joint pain, rash) report that after taking their remedies they feel a benefit in other areas too, for example they may be sleeping better or feeling less anxious.

This animation explains some of the reasons that millions of people around the world choose homeopathy as a healthcare treatment, and why you too might find it helpful.