Menopause Clinic

I’m now offering a menopause clinic for women who would like help in managing their menopause symptoms without HRT.

Menopause happens to all women, it’s a natural process that marks the end of our reproductive years. And yet, like puberty, this time can be marked with physical and emotional symptoms that make it difficult to enjoy life. Many women come to me for help with these symptoms, often overwhelmed by anxiety or mood swings, unable to sleep, and exhausted by hot flushes. Each experiences their menopause in a way that is unique to them.  I have helped them using homeopathic remedies.

“I used to be able to cope with anything, but with the menopause I found myself crippled with anxiety. Since the homeopathic treatment I’m back to my old self.”

“After my hysterectomy I was plunged suddenly into menopause, with hot flushes all the time, and overwhelming feelings of anger. After the first dose of your remedy I felt the anger wash away and the hot flushes have been much more manageable.”

Menopause Clinic - Are you suffering from night sweats, hot flushes, mood swings, feelings of exhaustion and/or loss of libido? To book your Free 15 minute consultation call Suzanne on 07946 321 312

On Wednesday 12th June you can book a free 15 minute consultation at the menopause clinic, where you can tell me all about your symptoms and find out how homeopathy can help.

To book call Suzanne on 07946 321 312 or email