What does a consultation involve?

The first appointment may take around 90 minutes.  I will ask you to tell me all the details of the condition(s) you would like help with.  I will then ask about your history, including health issues, medications and traumas, both physical and emotional.  I will also ask you about the other things that make you you.  For example I may ask you about food likes/dislikes, whether you are a warm or a chilly person, what times of day you feel better or worse.  To a homeopath all of these things are important, as they build up a picture of the whole you.  I can then match this picture to a homeopathic medicine that is tailored specifically to you.

In addition to the traditional homeopathic case-taking, I may ask you for a hair sample. This will be tested using radionics equipment, to assess areas of weakness around the body, and to check which remedies and potencies are likely to be most effective for your symptoms.

How many appointments will I need?

This varies from person to person.  A short term condition may improve very quickly, a longer standing complaint may need treatment over a longer period.  Typically you should expect to need at least 3 appointments.