Homeopathic treatment and GDPR

During the homeopathic treatment process I will ask for detailed information about you.  This will inform my choice of homeopathic remedies to prescribe for you, and the more information that you give me, the better informed my homeopathic prescription will be. All information will be kept strictly confidential, and you may wish to read the information below about how I handle your data.

How long will I keep your data?

In accordance with my homeopathy practitioner insurance, I am required to keep records of my consultation notes for at least 7 years following the last treatment given.   In the case of minors, I am required to keep records until 7 years after the individual reached the age of maturity (18).

How will I store your data?

I will store the written data in a locked cabinet within my office. I will store electronic data on a password-protected laptop.

Who will I share your data with?

I will not share your information with other parties for marketing purposes.  However I reserve the right to share information about you with your GP if I feel that you are at risk of harming yourself or another party.  For all other purposes I will ask for your consent before sharing your information with others.

How can you contact me about your data?

You may request a copy of the data that I hold about you by writing to me at the address below. If you would like to opt out of all communications from me, please write to me at the address below.