Can Homeopathy Help me to lose weight?

A growing number of people ask me whether I can help them to lose weight. They are frustrated that their efforts to lose weight either don’t work, or don’t last.

They perhaps used to find it easier to stay in shape, but it’s getting harder. They don’t want to go on another diet, where their willpower is constantly being tested whilst they effectively deny themselves the opportunity of responding to their own hunger signals.

They step on the scales, day after day, wondering why the numbers aren’t shifting downwards.

They want to take control of their weight in a way that feels more manageable in the long term, and are keen to learn more about how their body works, so that they can make more informed choices about what foods to eat.

Homeopathy can go part-ways towards helping with this.

Stress hormones can interfere with your blood sugar system, making it more likely to deposit fat and make you feel sluggish. The right homeopathic remedies can target your stress levels, to help you feel calmer and reduce the impact on your blood sugar system.

A build-up of toxins from past medication can mean that your body holds on to fat stores, as that’s where the toxins are being stored too. I can give you remedies that will help you to release and excrete these toxins, so that your body doesn’t need to store as much fat.

If you are eating the right foods now, but your body has started to become insulin resistant from previous years of eating a carb-rich diet, you’ll find it harder to get the results you are looking for. I can help with this by giving homeopathic remedies that support and balance your insulin system.

If any of the above applies to you, get in touch, and I can design a package of homeopathic remedies to help you.

I also run a free Facebook group where I share science-based tips on how to adapt the foods that you like to eat to make them gentler on your blood-sugar system, so that you can lose weight and get more energy. It’s called Blood Sugar Roundabout.