Videocall appointments

Prefer to have your appointment without leaving your home? I offer videocall appointments via Zoom. Perfect for those who have difficulty in leaving their homes, or for lunch-hour appointments.

Remedies can be posted by next day delivery within the UK.

Northampton Clinic

APpointments by videocall or face to face

If you prefer to see me in person, I also offer appointments at Therapies in Wootton Fields. For more details of this location see

17 Tudor Court
Wootton Hope Drive
Wootton Fields

In my practice I mainly treat adults. If you are seeking treatment for a child under 18, I recommend that you contact Marina Stephenson. She is an experienced homeopath with a special interest in treating children and babies. Her contact details are:

Marina Stephenson tel-  07730 043126 email-

Out of hours assistance

My working hours are 9:30 to 3:00 Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, if you require assistance you can call the 24hour homeopathy helpline on 020 8450 6564.

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