My car had its MOT last week. It was the usual story – wiper blades!

I was quite surprised to see how frayed the ends of my wiper blades were. But then they have been a bit squeaky for the last month or two. Now they are as good as new, and they don’t leave streaks any more when it drizzles.

It’s a good analogy of what happens when my patients come for their treatment. I explain the link between emotional traumas (the rain) and their physical symptoms (creaky wipers).

When sad times happen, we all have our ways of coping. But over time our coping mechanisms can get strained.

In some cases you can get physical symptoms, which can continue even when the sad times have ended.

When I give you a remedy, I choose it based on your symptoms, but also on what strains caused them. I can help with the physical symptoms, but in doing so I’m also helping to replenish your coping mechanisms.

I can’t stop it raining but if you know your wipers work, it makes your journey easier.

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