Suzanne is a very knowledgeable, intuitive and caring homeopath. I have been seeing Suzanne for nearly 4 years now, and she has helped me with a range of health problems which had greatly affected my quality of life. With her support, my auto-immune condition, which had greatly affected my breathing and caused body pain has improved greatly. She has helped me with my hormonal problems and any crisis which affects the immune system. She also helped me with the side effects of steroids and chemotherapy medication previously.I like her approach of addressing the person as a whole, and I am far more emotionally balanced with the homeopathy remedies. I am a medical doctor and pleasantly surprised by the healing power of homeopathy and Suzanne’s skills of understanding the issues. Thank you Suzanne.
Kavita Praveen

I have been seeing Suzanne Wright for Homepathy Holistic treatment for almost 5 years now.
I was very poorly at the time back in 2014 with severse Endometriosis which was causing no end of ailments and pain throughout my body. I was suffering with insomnia, anxiety attacks and was really struggling mentally due to many hormone changes, discomfort and pain.
After the 1st consultation and the herbal Remedies Suzanne prescribed to get me back on track, sleeping properly and relieve some anxiety … I have never looked back and still go now even if I don’t feel quite right, am feeling run down, or can’t put my finger on it and just need a good therapy chat.
Homeopathy has opened my eyes that there is relief and treatment out there that is non invasive, non addict able and it truly works. I wouldn’t ever be without it now.
Thank you!
Rachel Rushbury

I started to see Suzanne in February of this year after complaining of stomach issues she came highly recommended by someone I work with. I have continued to see Suzanne each month since, via Skype and Zoom She is very easy to talk to and knows the right questions to ask in order to help you. She has helped me understand why things happen and what the triggers are. I feel more balanced and things have certainly improved. Would definitely recommend her.

My Daughter has been visiting Suzanne for just over a year. She suffered with severe and debilitating anxiety and had very big problems with eating. As her mum I was incredibly worried and we had exhausted the usual channels (doctors, CHAMS and councillors)
Really at the end of my tether I decided to try something different. My Daughter is now a very healthy weight and her anxiety and panic attacks have almost disappeared. I own this improvement to Suzanne who has been understanding, patient and kind and with the first remedy she ever gave us there was improvement. I can’t recommend Suzanne enough and would encourage anyone to give homeopathy a go.
Zoe Gayton

Suzanne gives a 5 star treatment. I presented with a possible UTI and Sciatica and can thoroughly recommend a visit to Suzanne. She is a wonderful homeopath and is so knowledgeable and approachable. My symptoms subsided and I feel great now. I also take a bone mix just to make sure the old bones keep strong and healthy too.
Glenys Spencer

I reached out to Suzanne as I was suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and over the last two years she has been so helpful. Not only was homeopathy a successful way to treat my illness, but Suzanne was such a good listener and really took into account every symptom I had, and was always a friendly face who I could easily open up to about how I was feeling. 100% recommend.
Katie Hemmings

Cannot recommend Suzanne enough. Calm, understanding and discreet. Always ready to help with what life throws at our family.
Anna Farey

Suzanne is an extremely knowledgeable and warm homeopath. Prior to taking Suzanne’s homeopathy remedy I had been suffering with a painful coccyx injury. However, following her expert advice and remedy, my discomfort has been greatly relieved and my recovery accelerated. Thank you Suzanne!
Kerry Martin

Suzanne is an excellent homeopath. She has helped both me and my son with numerous issues over the last few years, and continues to help. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Amy Quarton